3.3 turbo engine rebuild
3.3 turbo engine rebuild
3.3 turbo engine rebuild
Timing 03-06-2004
3.3 turbo engine rebuild
Long block 03-09-2004
3.3 turbo engine rebuild
ready for installation 03-18-2004
3.3 turbo engine rebuild
Engine is in with solid motor
3.3 turbo engine rebuild
I will make it fit. L - size front mount Intercooler
Intercooler is in
Turbo header is in
Adding the oil cooler, I'm not sure to make it a engine
cooler or turbo oil cooler. 04-23-04
Took the rear bumper off to find room for twin turbos. Got
extra room for electric fan.
Pass the DEQ on the chassis dyno
Chassis dyno the 3.3 engine with K-27 7200 turbocharger, ran .90 bar of boost. 352HP at the wheel equal 415 at the
crank. Need to fine tune the motronic ECU.
K27 turbo for 951 on the left, On the right is the turbocharger from 1986 930 rebuilt with Garrett T-66  trim
compressor wheel. Will push 650 - 700 HP worth of air.
Turbochargers, K-27, Garrett GT-35 R, T-66, T72 with T-4 turbine housing.
T-72 with T-4 turbine housing on the modified 930 header.
T-72 is good for 850 HP
The production  headers are here. Put some angle on the
inlet side of the intercooler.
Pre-fitted all the header on my 3.3 engine before I send it
out. 6-16-04
Thermal Barrier the header ( cost $200 ) and installed the
T-66  Turbocharger. 6-26-04
The pair of camshaft on top is from 1986 Carrera, regrind
to 3.8 RSR spec. The Lower pair is from 964 with oil pump
drive piece added on, note the power steering drive on the
right hand camshaft.