Fuel blocks, fuel rails,fuel return line, adapters.
Blow off valve with hard pipe, silicone hose
Crank pulley kit
Ignition coil pack single plug twin plug
Fuel lines with fittings, fuel filter to rail,cross over, return line
Fuel pressure regulator kit Aeromotive # 13101
ECU with quick release racing harness

Siemens #3105, 83lb fuel injectors six for

Throttle position sensor, air temp sensor, oil temp sensor, map sensor, crank position sensor
Spark plug wires Twin plug single plug
mount for the throttle position sensor

For the motor already machine for twin plug all you have to do is
add a coil pack and spark plug wires to the setup.
The coil pack I use is from 1995 Chrysler V-6
NIEHOFF parts number AL173

6 fuel block fuel injector holders with 2 fuel rails $ 830

To install the 930 manifold, you will have to cut a corner  of manifold to mount the fuel fail spacer.
The corner on top of the number 6 cylinder.

Intercooler for 930 intake manifold 26 in X 12 in X 3 in

Factory 930 intercooler size 12 in X 10 in X 2 in

Blow off valve $60    

Crank pulley kit                                                 930 engine bay

Ignition coil pack                  The one on top is from Electromotive bigger and heavier

Fuel Rails$350         Blank and machine for 930 fuel injector block. AN -10 size for all fittings

setup without A/C AN -10 Fittings one 150 degreed, three 90 degreed,
setup with A/C AN -10 fitting two 150 degreed, two 90 degreed.
Adapter to install the fuel pressure regulator on the end of fuel rail

Fuel pressure regulator with adapter

Adapter for from factory fuel line to fuel filter  (If using factory 930 fuel filter)

DTA P-8 pro   For dual plug application                  
DTA S-60       For single plug application.               


As March 14 2006 I have 641 hours on the engine with EFI conversion use DTA EMS

Sensors ( map,crank position sensor,oil temp, air temp, throttle position sensor)

Bosch air temp sensor               0280130039                 
Bosch water temp sensor          0280130026                 
Ford 2 pin Crank position sensor       6859702              
Bosch throttle position sensor    0280122001                
GM 3 bar map sensor up to 30lb of boost  12223861     
GM 2 bar map sensor up to 20 lb of boost 16009886      

Adapter for the oil temp mount.
Porsche Factory uses 14 mm x 1.5, Bosch sensor is 12 mm x 1.5
for Carrera you can drill a hole and tap the sensor.

TPS mount plate